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Outdoorsy with a dash of nerd. Minimalistically messy.

Photo: Matt Remsbecher

Photo: Matt Remsbecher


Danny P.

Hi, I'm Danny, a visual designer and photographer currently living in the Bay Area. I value simple, purposeful design. I like to approach design by trusting my first impression, while looking into the long term. Always keeping the end user in mind at all times.

I am a multi-displinary designer, specializing in design for social, UI, illustration, photography, videography, and branding.

Over the last four and a half years, I’ve spent my time with Yesler, a B2B Marketing Agency nestled in Seattle’s historic Smith Tower. When I joined Yesler in 2014, our design team consisted of three designers, an art director and a creative manager. Today Yesler has its own floor for Creative, consisting of over 50 designers, developers, writers, editors, art directors and creative directors. Having the opportunity to grow with Yesler from their beginning and at such a rapid pace has shaped me into a very adaptive designer. I have appreciated having a major stake in the creative process these past few years,.

Outside of my design life, I enjoy near and far flung travel. Cooking dinner for close friends, great dive bar conversation, snow covered cabins aprés ski in the winter, keeping house plants alive, and photographing all of these moments as they pass by.